Walls : How Can a Nation of Immigrants Declare War on Immigration?

July 31, 2017
Velina Brown (right) at "Wall" play. Photo by Len Tsou

Velina Brown (right) at “Wall” play. Photo by Len Tsou

If you have ever attended VALB reunions or latest ALBA’s celebrations, you won’t forget Velina Brown, whose singing of Spanish Civil War songs has grabbed her audience’s hearts and brought tears to their eyes. In addition to be a singer, she is a director, award-winning actor, and columnist, as described in a 2015 interview by The Volunteer. Now she is starring in “Walls”, a new musical as the 58th-season production by the award-winning San Francisco Mime Troupe.

Traditionally, the San Francisco Mime Troupe has always produced shows about burning issues of our time. This year is no exception. “Walls” asks the question: How can a nation of immigrants declare war on immigration? The answer: FEAR! Velina plays the role of a top agent for I.C.E. As a result of an unexpected twist of events involving a lesbian love affair, she experiences the cruelty and absurdity of federal immigration policies imposed by our current administration in Washington. Velina and her team give stunning performances. View photos of the play performed at San Jose (7/29) here.

The current show “Walls” is being performed at local parks in California from July 1 to Sept. 10 at a price everyone can afford: FREE. For a recent newspaper review of the play, click here


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