Bart van der Schelling: Information wanted

June 5, 2012

Van der Schelling; photo courtesy of the Van der Schelling family. Any information on the meaning of the "15" above the visor is welcome.

Yvonne Scholten,¬†biographer of the Dutch miliciana Fanny Schoonheyt, is interested in obtaining information on¬†the Dutch Lincoln Brigade volunteer Bart¬†van der Schelling. ¬†He was admired as ¬†a ¬†baritone‚Äďhe recorded¬†Songs of the Spanish Civil War, a number of them¬†with Pete Seeger. In later life he acquired a reputation as a primitive painter. ¬†He and his wife, Edna Moore, were longtime residents of Mexico where they fled during the Red Scares. ¬†Information on the latter would also be welcome. ¬†Contact Yvonne Scholten¬†here.


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  1. Leslie on September 5, 2012 at 6:44 pm

    Bart was my great uncle by marriage, but I don’t know much about his past other than being a primitive painter and living in Mexico City during the McCarthy era with my great aunt Edna. I remember him being a large imposing man, and very nice to us young kids.

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